Teskánd, Sport utca

Lot for commercial use For sale
Lot size 9 855 m²
Price 25 million HUF
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Lot for commercial use For sale

An area of 9,855 square metres
This area is at the village Teskánd, 8 kilometres away from the centre of Zalaegerszeg, at the west side of the road connecting Teskánd to Boncodfölde.
Classification of land registration: industrial area
Classification of rural development plan: KG-1 zone, commercial and service area.
Building Coverage Ratio: 40%
Maximum building height: 9m
Green areas indicator: 30%
The classification of rural development plan of Teskánd: KG-1 zone; commercial and service area. Accession is solved.
A higher electricity demand can easily be solved with the 20 kV network, which passes through in the middle of the area in the transverse direction, by using a self-dependent transformer.
Other benefits and options: the cargo train station of the Zalaegerszeg-Andráshida railway station is across the road opposite the Boncodfölde area, from where the railway transportation that may arise can easily be solved. The distance between the two areas is about 500 metres.
In case of a demand for a larger area, an enlargement of about 2200 square metres is possible. This requires a personal consultation.
The large number of scheduled buses driving through this town, connecting the settlements in Göcsej to Zalaegerszeg is a further advantage when creating a plant employing a larger number of staff,
The distance of the industrial area from the bus stops located in the Teskánd-Boncodfölde junction is just 400 meters.

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